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Seurico™ Wireless Fridge window Alarm Door Open

Seurico™ Wireless Fridge window Alarm Door Open

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Seurico™ Wireless Fridge window Alarm Door Open

Seurico™ Wireless Fridge window Alarm Door Open

Regular price $39.99
Regular price $39.99 Sale price
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Door Window Security Alarm That You Worth to Have

Get  Seurico™ Door Window Security Alarm, you will find it really helpful by below status:
- Customers visit your shop or visitors coming to your office

- Children open the window, closet, and refrigerator, leaving his/her room accidentally. All these kinds of acts bringing harm to your baby

- Pets coming or leaving suddenly

-Children open the poor door and it can prevent him from drowning

-The thief breaking into your house or garage or trying to open your Jewelry cabinet, phone cabinet in your store

Battery Operated-Low Consumption Design


 ✨They can work for over 2 years.
 ✨Low Battery Warning, when it need replace batteries, the LED light will flash once every second.

98% Of Customers Choose To Recommend It To Their Neighbors And Friends

"Wow, this Wireless Fridge Window Alarm is a game-changer! I used to worry about my kids sneaking into the fridge when I'm not around, but not anymore. The adjustable alarm duration is so handy – I set it to 30 seconds, and now I get an alert whenever that door opens for more than half a minute. It's a lifesaver for keeping track of snacks and, honestly, a sanity-saver for this busy mom."

"Honestly, I was skeptical at first, but this little gadget surprised me. The ease of installation blew my mind – no wires, no mess. Plus, being able to sync it with my smartphone is a game-changer. I travel a lot for work, and now I get a ping if someone's raiding the fridge back home. I set the alarm to 15 seconds, quick enough to catch anyone red-handed. It's become my new favorite tech tool."

"The Wireless Fridge Window Alarm is just what I needed for my Airbnb. Guests can't resist peeking into the fridge, and this little alarm has been a godsend. I played around with the alarm duration; settled for 3 seconds – quick and not too intrusive. It saved me from finding forgotten food festering in the fridge more than once. Guests find it amusing too, a quirky touch to their stay. Love it!"


✨Normal Alarm Mode:

In this mode, the door alarm functions as a standard security alarm, immediately triggering a loud alert when the door is opened without proper authorization. 

✨Constant Alarm Mode:

In Constant Alarm mode, the device produces a continuous and unyielding alarm sound once the door is opened, providing a persistent deterrent to unauthorized access.

 ✨Delay Alarm Mode:

The Delay Alarm mode introduces a brief delay before the alarm activates, allowing authorized individuals to enter and disarm the system. This feature is particularly useful for preventing false alarms during routine entry.

 ✨Doorbell Mode:

The Doorbell mode transforms the device into a doorbell, emitting a pleasant chime or ringtone when the door is opened. This mode is ideal for alerting occupants of someone's arrival without the need for a loud security alarm.


Step 1. Stick the alarm and sensor separately to each sides of the door/window,

Step 2. Please pay attention to the Alignment Marks and make sure to keep their horizontal distance less than 10mm


Step 1:Press the button to choose the function you need.
Step 2:Press the power on button and hold around 4 seconds to end the functions.
So easy, right?
Battery Operated, it need two AAA alkaline batteries ( not included ).
• Low Consumption Design, they can work for over 2 years.
• Low Battery Warning, when it need replace batteries, the LED light will flash once every second. 


Q1: How does Seurico™Wireless Fridge window Alarm work?
✨ Seurico™Wireless Fridge window Alarm connects to your refrigerator window using wireless technology. When the refrigerator door or window is opened, it triggers the alarm and sends a notification, alerting you that someone is accessing the refrigerator.

Q2: What alarm durations are available?
✨ You can choose the alarm duration based on your needs, including options for 3 seconds, 15 seconds, 30 seconds, and 60 seconds. This allows you to adjust the alarm duration according to the actual situation to meet different requirements.

Q3: Are there any specific requirements for my refrigerator?
✨ Seurico™Wireless Fridge window Alarm is designed to be flexible and suitable for most refrigerator windows. The wireless design makes it more versatile, not limited by wiring.

Q4: Is the installation complicated?
✨ Installation is very simple and does not require complicated wiring. Just follow the steps in the user manual to set it up.

Q5: Is it compatible with smartphones?
✨ Yes, it connects wirelessly and is compatible with smartphones or other devices, allowing you to receive alarm notifications even when you are away from the refrigerator.

Q6: Does it require additional batteries or power sources?
✨ Seurico™Wireless Fridge window Alarm typically uses standard batteries, and the required battery type is usually specified in the product documentation. It only need two AAA alkaline batteries.

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