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iEase™ Patch for Alcohol Flush

iEase™ Patch for Alcohol Flush

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iEase™ Patch for Alcohol Flush

iEase™ Patch for Alcohol Flush

Regular price $23.99
Regular price $23.99 Sale price $23.99
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Let's take a look at our customers who have experienced

"I get tachycardia whenever I drink alcohol and feel like my body gets beat up, I was feeling pretty hopeless. I gave iEase a chance crossing my fingers that this could possibly help and to my surprise it did! My symptoms are greatly minimized and now I can enjoy a drink."-Lisa Marie, San Antonio, TX

"I just spent the last week partying in the gathering drinking all day almost every day and wore these religiously and never once did I ever have a hangover or a headache. I swear by these and I will always buy them!!!"-Aman Brar, Dallas, TX

Party fun can't do without alcohol

Do you feel sick and vomit every time you drink, and wake up with a stomachache the next day? The tragedies caused by excessive drinking are not uncommon, leading to headache, vomiting, nausea, alcohol allergies, hangovers, etc. It damages people's liver and nervous system, resulting in many chronic diseases and affecting work.
Therefore, iEase™ Patch is there for you!

What do expert say

"iEase™ lets drinkers not only enjoy the pleasure brought by drinking, but also prevent drunkenness and reduce the harm of alcohol to the body. It can accelerate the human body to decompose acetaldehyde, quickly excrete it from the body, prevent people from drinking alcohol-induced headaches, dizziness, local skin allergies, gastrointestinal discomfort and other post-drinking symptoms, and achieve the purpose of hangover." says Jason Burke

What is alcohol flush and how does iEase™ remove it?

If your face turns red after one alcoholic drink, you are not alone. This is known as "alcohol flush reaction" and it happens to many European. You can get a lobster-red and experience increased heart rate, increased body temperature and headache. All these because your body is trying hard to get rid of the toxins, acetaldehyde.

iEase™ reduces alcohol flush by increasing the enzyme and allows digest alcohol properly without turning into toxin.

What makes it special and effective?

Alcohol is a diuretic, which can lead to depletion of beneficial nutrients and vitamins in the body. iEase™ can help supplement these nutrients, and participate in blood microcirculation by directly acting on human capillaries, accelerating the decomposition and elimination of major harmful substances in alcohol, thereby protecting the liver and stomach and helping the body restore its natural balance.


🥇Contains 12 pure natural organic natural formulas, including vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants.
🥇One Patch contains 1000mcg of vitamin B12 and other B vitamins, which make up the vitamin B complex.
🥇Apply in seconds, starts working in 30 mins, lasts for up to 10-12 hrs
🥇Stimulate the activity of anti-alcohol enzymes and accelerate alcohol decomposition 
🥇Attack the root of the problem. The toxin that causes the flush, acetaldehyde, has been found to be up to 30X more toxic than alcohol itself!

How it works

The patch uses medical glue as a carrier, which has a good energy conversion function, and a variety of refreshing natural aromatic plant extracts are absorbed into the glue, which has better skin permeability. Through the skin, multiple active ingredients are delivered through the skin to mitigate the effects of alcohol. In addition to being volatile, it can also directly act on the brain to refresh the mind.


☝ Glutathione - Strong antioxidant power to help eliminate free radicals. Glutathione is responsible for cell metabolism and detoxification. Our concentration is 7-10X higher than others, makes fell asleep faster, and woke up feeling more refreshed.
✌ Curcumin - We uses high-quality autumn turmeric as raw material, and the absorption rate is 28X which is better absorbed. The curcumin selected can strengthen the decomposition of acetaldehyde, relieves hangovers and discomfort after drinking.

Find Out Amazing Stories From More Happy Customers 

"When I drink, my chest and neck flush, my nose runs, and I often get a headache. This patch relieves all those symptoms and helped make me feel great the next day! Definitely will need to get more!"- Marilyn-Faye

"This is my 3rd pack of iEase. My partner really gets red after 1 shot of any alcoholic drink. But this thing saved our night outs. She can now drink as many as she wants without getting red. If we put the patch too late, she will still be blushing but after few minutes she will return to her original color. Unlike not having the patch, she will be blushing/red the whole time."- J.D. Robinson

"This is the perfect pack to try these patches. I used the rescue patch to go out to dinner and enjoyed 6 glasses of wine. Then I slept like the dead. I FELT GREAT."-Sierra Hopkins, Austin, TX

How to use
1. Apply 2 patches on your upper body 30 minutes before drinking.
2. Keep the patch on the skin for 8-12 hours and remove it.


● Shelf life: 3 years
● Quantity: 12pcs/pack
● Main ingredients: Glutathione, Curcumin, Green tea extract, Vitamin C & B complex

Package Inclusion:
● 12pcs/pack x iEase™ Patches for Alcohol Flush

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