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Seurico™ Super Multi-Purpose Foam Cleaner

Seurico™ Super Multi-Purpose Foam Cleaner

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Seurico™ Super Multi-Purpose Foam Cleaner

Seurico™ Super Multi-Purpose Foam Cleaner

Regular price $22.99
Regular price $22.99 Sale price
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Conquer Kitchen Grease: Discover the Seurico™ Super Multi-Purpose Foaming Cleaner

 When it comes to the issue of kitchen grease, the data paints a clear picture. According to statistics from global health organizations, over  56% of food poisoning cases each year are linked to improper kitchen cleanliness. This not only poses a threat to health but also results in billions of dollars in medical expenses.

Furthermore, it's a cause for concern that several million kitchen fires each year are directly related to grease issues, leading to thousands of injuries and billions of dollars in property damage. These figures highlight the serious consequences of neglecting kitchen grease.

Regarding the cleaning aspect, according to a study, the average household spends nearly $100 per year on cleaning and repairing damage caused by kitchen grease. This expenditure is significant on a global scale, making it imperative to address the issue of kitchen grease seriously to reduce costs and risks.

We offer you an outstanding kitchen cleaning solution designed to remove various kitchen greases, food residues, and stubborn stains. Whether it's counter tops, stove tops, ovens, or other kitchen surfaces, our foam cleaner will help you achieve cleanliness and hygiene quickly.



  • Efficient Stain Removal: The foam quickly breaks down and removes grease and stains, reducing the time and effort required for cleaning.
  • Fresh Aroma: Enjoy a refreshing scent after cleaning, making your kitchen more pleasant.
  • Safe and Easy to Use: User-friendly, simply spray and gently wipe, without harming your surfaces.
  • Multipurpose: Suitable for both home and professional kitchen environments.

Seurico™ Super Multi-Purpose Foaming Cleaner can  effectively removes various kitchen grease stains, such as:

Grease buildup from cooking fumes: Accumulated grease deposits on kitchen walls, range hoods, exhaust fans, and cooking surfaces.

✅Sauces and condiment stains: Residues from condiments like ketchup, soy sauce, and dressing on cooking surfaces and countertops.

Paint, ink, and marker stains: In some cases, stubborn stains like paint, ink, and marker stains can also be removed with a foam cleaner.

Cooking grease: Such as baked-on residues in ovens, cooking oil splatters, and leftover cooking oil in pans.


Powerful Stain-Removing Active Ingredients

🟢Enzymes accelerate the breakdown of fats and proteins into smaller, more manageable molecules.

🟢Emulsifiers help mix oil and water, forming a stable blend that makes grease easier to remove.

🟢Surfactants lower the surface tension between water and grease, aiding in dispersion and removal.


Seurico™ with a Stunning 97% Customer Satisfaction Rate!

"This cleaning foam is hands down one of the most convenient kitchen cleaning tools I've ever used. I absolutely love it! Just a quick spray, and those sticky, gunky oven stains disappear in an instant. It's like magic! Plus, it has a really pleasant scent, unlike other cleaning products that can be so overpowering. My kitchen looks brand new, and it requires minimal effort."

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Sarah Johnson,28,New York, USA

"I've also been using this foam cleaner to tackle our stainless steel counter tops, and the results are truly astonishing. It used to be a constant battle with smudged fingerprints and watermarks, but now, a few swipes and it's back to looking brand new. What's more, I use it to clean the exterior of the fridge, and it handles food residues and grime with ease. This cleaning foam is like my kitchen's magical sidekick!"

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Emily Williams, 35, London, UK


"Most importantly, this cleaning foam is incredibly easy to use. No extensive scrubbing or repeated rinsing required. Just spray it on the surface you want to clean and gently wipe it away with a cloth. Plus, it's free from harmful chemicals, so I don't have to worry about any harm to my family or pets. All in all, I'm extremely satisfied with this kitchen cleaning foam, and I'll keep using it. I highly recommend it to all home kitchen chefs!" 

          ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  John Smith ,42 , Los Angeles, USA    




Q1: Can the Seurico™ Super Multi-Purpose Foaming Cleaner tackle really stubborn stains?
A:You bet it can! Our Seurico™ Super Multi-Purpose Foaming Cleaner is specially designed to take on tough grease and food residues. If something's extra stubborn, give it a few more passes.
Q2: Is the  Seurico™ Super Multi-Purpose Foaming Cleaner safe for my skin or eyes?
A:No worries! Seurico™ Super Multi-Purpose Foaming Cleaner has passed safety tests, but avoid contact with your eyes and skin. If it accidentally happens, rinse immediately.
Q3: Is Seurico™ Super Multi-Purpose Foaming Cleaner environmentally friendly?
A:Absolutely! We're all about reducing our environmental footprint. We minimize packaging and are committed to being eco-friendly.
Q4: How's the quality of Seurico™ Super Multi-Purpose Foaming Cleaner?
A:We have strict quality controls to ensure top-notch quality. If you have any concerns about our product, reach out to our customer service team.
Q5: Is the price reasonable for your cleaner?
A:Absolutely! Our prices are competitive, and we regularly run promotions to suit different budgets.


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