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Meellop™ Anti Snoring Spray

Meellop™ Anti Snoring Spray

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Meellop™ Anti Snoring Spray

Meellop™ Anti Snoring Spray

Regular price $19.99
Regular price $19.99 Sale price $27.99
SAVE 28% Sold out

What is Meellop Anti-Snoring Spray?

It is a clinically tested and scientifically proven spray that works instantly to help fight the root cause of snoring - the throat. Helps keep throat and nasal air passages open, 3 quick sprays before bed for a restful night's sleep.

Why should I choose Meellop Anti-Snoring?

According to a chapter on snoring in Principles and Practice of Sleep Medicine (Fifth Edition), "about 40% of the adult population" snores, so at some stage it's likely to disrupt your sleep or the sleep of someone you love. It’s also a symptom of a disorder called sleep apnea (PDF). Sleep apnea occurs when your airway is blocked or constricted while you sleep, and it can result in poor sleep, high blood pressure, memory issues, cardiovascular concerns, and other serious health problems.

This physical toll is reflected on your mood, energy levels and performance. Nobody wants their bedtime habits to cause tension over breakfast, so give you and your family relief from this common sleep spoiler.
Meellop Anti-Snoring is for you if you want a quick and effective way to quieten the night-time throat orchestra.

What makes Meellop™ Anti Snoring Spray better?

How does Meellop Anti-Snoring spray work?

Keep the mucous membrane moist and reduce upper airway resistance by lubricating and softening the mucous membrane of the pharynx to improve obstructed breathing and reduce snoring.
It lubricates the tissues overnight, thereby reducing vibrations in the soft tissues at the back of the throat. The key active ingredient phosphatidylcholine, coats your throat muscles and prevents them moving and vibrating. The foam properties also combine to ensure it stays where it's needed in your throat and provides lasting relief.

Applying it to your nasal passages will quickly break down bacteria and dirt, cutting off the root of the problem completely. When the irritation of the nasal mucosa disappears, snoring is relieved!

① Reduces Inflammation and Congestion in Snorers: Anti-Snoring Nasal Spray can prevent respiratory infections caused by microorganisms and pollutants caused by protective barriers, protect, clean and help repair the nasal mucosa, reduce swelling, relieve itching, and reduce the risk of nasal infections.
② Inhibits Nasal Microbial Growth: A barrier spray is a nasal spray that creates an unfavorable environment in the nose where many airborne microbes cannot survive. Captures and inactivates airborne bacteria to help stop cold and flu symptoms.

What expert says

"Meellop contains natural plant extracts and clinically proven formula, long-lasting, effective relief from snoring. It can work immediately and help reduce or eliminate snoring for 4 out of 5 users. It also prevents nasal congestion, relieves rhinitis (stuffy nose), moisturizes your airway, enhances healthier breathing." says Janet Hilbert, MD, an associate professor of clinical medicine at the Yale School of Medicine’s Center for Sleep Medicine

Microsphere film-forming technology

Microsphere film-forming technology in anti-snoring spray can help the drug components to disperse and spray better, increase the contact area between the ingredient and the mucous membrane, control the release rate and permeability, and provide the protective effect, so as to achieve more effective anti-snoring treatment effect.

Natural formula

🌴 Xanthii fructus is an important medicine for treating nasal stiffness since ancient times. It contains volatile oils, flavonoids and other components, which are believed to stimulate the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract, dilate the nasal cavity, and promote nasal ventilation, thereby reducing the feeling of nasal congestion.
🍬Bee Propolis is a natural decongestant that has the power to clear away blockage and heal irritated nasal passages. Propolis is highly antibacterial and defends against bacteria that cause sinus infections. Helps prevent bacteria from building up in the airways. Reduces the amount of mucus produce while sleeping, making it easier to breathe through your nose at night.

What makes it so effective?

🌞The only medically proven over-the-counter natural solution to help stop snoring
🌞Clinically proven to optimize airflow through the nasal passages by up to 76.1% (Peak nasal inspiratory flow - PNIF) resulting in increased oxygen levels in the lungs
🌞Performs 3.6x better than nasal strips

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How to use?

Light snoring - It is recommended to use it for one treatment course (2 bottles for one treat-ment course)
Moderate snoring - It is recommended to use it for two treatment course (4 bottles for two treat-ment course)
Heavy snoring - It is recommended to use it for three treatment course ( 6 bottles for three treatment course)

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