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Meellop™ Grapefruit Weight Loss Breathe Stick

Meellop™ Grapefruit Weight Loss Breathe Stick

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Meellop™ Grapefruit Weight Loss Breathe Stick

Meellop™ Grapefruit Weight Loss Breathe Stick

Regular price $23.99
Regular price $23.99 Sale price $18.99
SAVE -27% Sold out

Before introduce, let's look at our satisfied customers

"I was a postpartum mom, and my belly is still as big as 6 months pregnant. Severely deformed figure made me disappointed, unconfident and sad. I was on the verge of despair until my friend recommended me Meellop™. I really can't believe that after 9 days, I dropped 8 pounds, my skin has turned white, my sagging belly is gone."-Madison Cooper, 38, Fort Worth, TX

"I had a lot of work pressure, and usually stay up late. My dark skin and fleshy figure make me often be called fat behind my back. Meellop™ changed me. Now I like wearing beautiful and sexy clothes to show my figure. It not only makes me more confident, but also makes me more than 10 years younger than my actual age."-Anna Rodriguez, 30, San Jose, CA

Scientists Discover The Real Root Cause Of Bloated Belly, Stubborn Weight And Cravings (Hint: Not Sugar or Fat)

According to a new release from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the US pipes and water systems are very old in most parts of the country. These can be a breeding ground for dangerous microorganisms.

Introducing Meellop™ Detox Nasal Inhaler: The Perfect Fit For Your Health

Meellop™ Grapefruit Weight Loss Breathe Stick is an innovative product that helps you lose weight and detox your body through the power of nasal inhalation. It’s an advanced nasal inhaler that delivers a therapeutic dose of pure organic ingredients through the nasal passages, directly into the lungs and bloodstream. This has been clinically proven to help you lose weight by reducing your appetite, as well as increase your metabolism!This unique product is designed to help you breathe easier in a way that's both effective and completely safe so you won't have to worry about putting chemicals into your body when trying to lose weight or detoxify.

Working principle

Total detoxification, remove swellings➦Promote blood circulation, improve metabolism➦Appetite control, increase calorie expenditure, burn fat➦Enhance slimming agent➦ Improve digestion and absorption system➦Clean the intestines, improve constipation

Meellop™ remove toxic chemicals and waste from the body. Every ingredient it contains supports the functioning of the major detoxification organs in the body such as the liver, kidneys, skin, intestines and lymphatic system. By boosting metabolism, it helps you achieve a total body detoxification and release of accumulated and overburdened toxins in the body.

100% Natural ingredients

Grapefruit - The highest quality grapefruit produced in Florida, USA is selected. As a low-calorie, high-fiber fruit, grapefruit is great for weight loss. It helps reduce appetite, maintains water balance, and aids metabolism to promote weight loss.

What makes us better

👉 9-Day full detoxification, remove all toxins from the body
👉 Alter body mechanisms within 2 hours
👉 Regulates normal blood pH(7.35-7.45) in the body
👉 One use ≈ jogging for 30 mins

In addition to weight loss, other benefits

❤️ Strengthen the respiratory system
❤️ Relax body and mind, relieve stress and anxiety
❤️ Improve sleep quality, increase energy and vitality
❤️ Improve skin, anti aging

Charlotte Lewis(38, Jacksonville, FL) shared her experience 

Before Use:

My weight had been steadily increasing for years. I was in the worst shape of my life, and I knew that something had to change. I tried every diet imaginable, but nothing worked. I would lose a few pounds here and there, but then they would come back with a vengeance! It seemed like every time I lost weight, it just came back on again—and then some!

Month 1

"I use it 2-3 times a day, and I feel very relaxed immediately after using it. I don't know if it's the effect of detoxification, but my stomach is very relaxed every day, and I feel that all the dirty things in my body have been discharged, and the edema in my body is also reduced. In one month, I lost 22 pounds."

Month 2

"In two months, my sleep has improved a lot, my whole body has become very energetic, and my skin has become smooth and delicate. The most important thing is that I have lost a full 45 pounds. This is really an artifact for lazy people to lose weight. I finally returned to my previous weight and can wear beautiful clothes."

How to use
Step 1: Rotate the tube 180 degrees to twist off the cap.
Step 2: Place it in each nostril and inhale for 5 seconds.
Step 3: Enjoy the detoxification process.
Step 4: Rotate 180 degrees to close to avoid the loss of aroma


● Net weight: 2.5g
● Shelf life: 3 Years
● Benefits: Body slimming & detox
● Main ingredients: Grapefruit

Packing list:
● 1 x Meellop™ Grapefruit Weight Loss Breathe Stick

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