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SmileMate™ Teeth Whitening Essence Pen

SmileMate™ Teeth Whitening Essence Pen

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SmileMate™ Teeth Whitening Essence Pen

SmileMate™ Teeth Whitening Essence Pen

Regular price $18.99
Regular price $18.99 Sale price $23.99
SAVE 20% Sold out

What Our Customers Say

"I am amazed at the difference and how quickly it works. My teeth are noticeably much more white! So glad I decided to try one last thing. They are really easy to use, no sensitivity to my teeth and I'm smiling more."-Abigail, Sydney

"This really works! It removes stains from the surface of my teeth after a few days of consistent use. I am ASTOUNDED at the results so far. I have reordered this stuff a couple of times and it keeps my teeth pearly white without damage."-Matthew, London

What Makes Teeth Yellow 

Poor oral hygiene - Not brushing and flossing regularly can lead to the buildup of plaque and tartar.
Tobacco use - Smoking or using other tobacco products can cause teeth to yellow and stain over time.
Certain foods and drinks - Dark-colored foods and drinks such as coffee, tea, red wine, and berries can stain teeth.

What Troubles do Yellow Teeth Bring

Self-consciousness - Yellow teeth can make people feel self-conscious and embarrassed about smile.
Dental health issues - Yellow teeth can be a symptom of underlying dental health issues such as tooth decay or gum disease
Difficulty with certain activities - Yellow teeth can make it difficult to engage in certain activities 

Compared with General Products, Our Core Competitiveness

Quickly Works: Only takes 5 days of continuous use to see results.
Mint Fragrance: A popular herb that is known for its refreshing and invigorating fragrance, a MUST to freshen the breath or promote oral hygiene.
Antioxidant: Antioxidant is the magical key for long-term white without rebound.

Ours are the Most Effective, Damage-free and Side-effect-free Method

Professional Dental Cleaning - The process is cumbersome and the teeth will be sore and even bleed.
Teeth Bleaching - Applying the bleaching agent to teeth, can cause tooth sensitivity or damage to the enamel.
Laser Teeth Whitening - High cost and not friendly to those with sensitive teeth or certain dental conditions.

How Effective of Our Teeth Whitening Essence Pen 

Removing surface stains - The active ingredients can help to break down and remove surface stains caused by foods, drinks, and other factors.
Brightening - Helps to lighten the overall shade of teeth, making them appear brighter and more radiant.
Improving appearance - By removing stains and brightening the teeth, it help to improve the overall appearance of the smile.
Portable - Portable and easy-to-use that can be applied anytime, anywhere.

Safe Ingredients

Gental: Peppermint is a natural ingredient that help to freshen breath and provide a pleasant flavor.
No sensitivity and irritation: Antioxidant has natural anti-inflammatory and soothing properties that can help to reduce sensitivity and irritation.

Study Confirmation

Studies published in the Journal of Contemporary Dental Practice in 2017, and Journal of Clinical and Experimental Dentistry in 2019, evaluated the effectiveness of a teeth whitening pen containing 6% hydrogen peroxide, and found a statistically significant improvement in the whiteness. 

How it Works

✔️Decompose teeth melanin, attacking the dirt molecules on the teeth, removing 100% of coffee, wine, tobacco and other stubborn stains.
✔️Designed to reach and clear the dirt from hard-to-reach areas. The formula has proven to be one of the best for teeth whitening.
✔️Provides protein to protect the tooth enamel and gums from damage and sensitivity. And it also forms a dirt-repellent barrier.
✔️Transforms discolored or yellow teeth into pearly whites gradually.
✔️Finally, it can reduce dental problems and keep breath fresh.

How to Use

Step 1: Brush and dry teeth - Before using, brush your teeth to remove any surface debris or plaque. And dry your teeth.
Step 2: Twist and apply - Open the cover, twist another end of the pen to release the whitening gel, and apply a thin layer of the gel directly to the surface of the teeth. 
Step 3: Wait - Allow the gel to sit on the teeth within 30s-1min. Do not eat, drink, or rinse your mouth during this time.
Step 4: Rinse - Rinse your mouth thoroughly with water.
For desired results, 1-2 times per day for several consecutive days.

Lily Shared her Teeth Whitening Process
Day 1

I was self-conscious about my yellowing teeth and tried various ways, but nothing worked. Finally, I bought this and gave a try. Only one day using, my teeth slightly became white.

Day 3

No sensitivity, I used twice a day according to the instructions. To my delight, I could already see a significant improvement in the whiteness and decrease of surface stains.

Day 5

My yellowing teeth became white, as well as my breath freshened. I am ready for a radiant white smile, and felt much more confident.

Avoid getting gel on gums - When applying the gel, be sure to avoid getting it on the gums or other soft tissues, as this can cause irritation or sensitivity.
Maintain good oral hygiene - Maintain good oral hygiene habits to support the effectiveness and promote overall dental health.


Net weight: 4ml
Ingredients: Mint, Antioxidant

Package Includes:
1 x SmileMate™ Teeth Whitening Essence Pen

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