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VitalFlow™ Herbal Lymphatic Detox Cream

VitalFlow™ Herbal Lymphatic Detox Cream

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VitalFlow™ Herbal Lymphatic Detox Cream

VitalFlow™ Herbal Lymphatic Detox Cream

Regular price $19.99
Regular price $19.99 Sale price $19.99
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What customers are saying

"I have had severe armpit issues, swelling, huge pain. I'm ready to see a surgeon and everyday has been a struggle. After using this for only two days the swelling has gone down enough that I no longer need pain meds. To be blunt I was flabergasted at this cream even working, but it does. Now the pain went from a 9 to maybe a 3."-Madison Nguyen, Cashier, 25, Fort Worth, TX

"I suffered from neck lymphedema that causes severe pain and swelling. I was skeptical but after using it I was amazed at results in 3 days that the swelling start going down and the pain got better, I apply the cream every day as instructions. It takes only one months my pain and swelling cured after two years."-Chloe Baker, Housewife, 30, Chicago, IL

"I purchased this to help aid my bodies natural detoxing methods. The lymph behind the ears is so painful that affected my sleep and daily work. The first time using, my sleep has improved a lot. After one week, this lymph node has gone. Now I can work at my desk all day without feeling like my head is going to drop with sore lymph nodes behind my ears."-Catherine Martinez, Office Clerk, 35, San Diego, CA 

Still bothered by these troubles?

Supernumerary nipple lymph
Armpit/neck lymph
Lymphatic node
Lymph behind ears

Hazards of lymph nodes

The lymphatic system plays an important role in immune function. If the lymph nodes are swollen or damaged, it may impact the body's ability to fight off infections and diseases. 
Swollen lymph nodes can be a sign of a serious medical condition. If left unattended, it will spread to other parts of the body and cause malignant tumors, lymphatic leukemia, lymphoma, cyst, systemic lupus erythematosus, etc.

What can you benefit 

● Reduces pain and discomfort
● Supports detox, strengthen immune function
● Decrease inflammation and Infection
● Eliminate lymphatic enlargement and blockage
● Improve blood circulation, anti-swelling


[Fast Penetration] Fast penetration and reach the deep layer of the skin, instant relief for pain and inflammation.
[Easy Absorption] Naturally hydration, moisturizing, easy absorbed and makes skin more smooth.
[Gentle and Safe] Free of fragrance, preservatives and allergens. Herbal extracts, skin-friendly.

What makes us better 

✔100% penetration, non-greasy, leaves skin silky smooth.

✔Helps balance the body, activate cells, and prevent aging.

✔ Enhance fat metabolism, improve sagging.

✔ Improve joint pain, back pain, and neck stiffness.

✔ Improve blood circulation, strengthen immunity.

✔ Relieves fatigue and stress, improve sleeping.

✔ Moisturize skin, restore skin's elasticity and radiance.

Expert recommend

"VitalFlow™ encourages lymph movement and drainage, increases blood circulation, is effective for reducing swelling." said Dr. Melissa Ventimiglia, an assistant professor at the New York Institute of Technology College. "Through the clinical application of nearly 1000 cases, the effective rate is 100%, and the cure rate is over 95%. Study shows that more than 90% reached the peak of cure in the 2nd and 3rd weeks, and all patients could be cured in one month."

100% Natural ingredients

Caulis Spatholobi, Sea Breeze Vine, Notoginseng, Cuscuta are traditional herbs commonly used to promote blood circulation, reduce inflammation, relieve pain and reduce swelling. 

VitalFlow™ helped Deanna Anderson achieve slimmer arms
"I had sagging arms. They rub against armpits a lot caused many pains. I always feel frustrated when choosing clothes or participating in any activity. Low self-esteem finally beat me when I fell in love but failed. I swore to be pretty and finally I chose this cream." - Deanna Anderson, Student, 20, Austin, TX

Day 1"I applied it on my arms 2 times on the first day. It seemed worked. There was a warm feeling, likes buring the toxin. It didn't rub my armpit that much, and I felt much more comfortable."

Week 1

"I notice that pain and swelling slowly alleviated. The sagging arms turn firm. Slowly, I dare to try clothes with bare arms and my enthusiasm for participating in activities has also increased."

Week 3

"Felt my arms slim a lot after 3 weeks usage. It brought me confident and hope. My personality has become lively. And you know what, the boy who rejected me before took the initiative to come to me."

How to Use

1. Clean and dry the affected area
2. Apply the ointment evenly
3. Massage until fully absorbed
4. Use 2-3 times per day


Net weight: 20g
Shelf life: 3 years
Ingredients: Caulis Spatholobi, Sea Breeze Vine, Notoginseng, Cuscuta

Package Includes:
1 x VitalFlow™ Herbal Lymphatic Detox Cream

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