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Meellop™ Anti-Greying Hair Serum

Meellop™ Anti-Greying Hair Serum

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Meellop™ Anti-Greying Hair Serum

Meellop™ Anti-Greying Hair Serum

Regular price $19.99
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Clinically proven results of darkening the gray hair and improvement of hair volume after using 3 weeks.

Brian William who age of 41 submitted this photo on his journey with Meellop™ Anti-Greying Hair Serum after using for 1 month. Congrats on the success!
"I’ve had such a hard time finding a product to effectively help with the graying of my hair. 29 days passed since I used it. I can see my hair gradually darken. I am amazed with this result without going to dye my hair!"
--Brian William
San Diego, California
Lucy Coleman bought Meellop™ Anti-Greying Hair Serum to her husband. As a 30-year-old man, he started to have gray hair and she felt worried. "I am ten years older than him, but don’t have gray hair. After using the serum, I was very excited to use it on him. After two months of continuous use, his gray hair has really reduced and his hair has become more lustrous, thanks to this serum. Will continue to use it.”
--Lucy Coleman
Dallas, Texas

Progressively recover natural hair color & density for a younger and more confident look.

Gray hair is really hair with reduced melanin, while white hair completely lacks it. That’s partly because of a gradual decline in the number of stem cells that mature to become melanin-producing cells. The cells may wear out, become damaged, or lose the support systems meant to keep them working. Genes are also a factor, since they help control melanin production.

What is the secret in Meellop™ Anti-Greying Hair Serum?

Not familiar with this hero product Meellop™ Anti-Greying Hair Serum? It combines the strongest percentage of Arcolys, Greyverse, and growth factors for the ultimate in hair stimulation for both men and women. 
Greyverse contains an innovative a-MSH biomimetic peptide able to act on the different causes of the hair greying process. It offers an unprecedented efficient solution to prevent, stop, and reverse this inevitable sign of aging. It stimulates melanogenesis to increase the production of melanin in the bulb and favour an improved transfer, which eventually leads to hair repigmentation.
In this study, the activity of Greyverse was investigated by measuring its effects on melanin production in a culture of human melanocytes. It was found that with only 0.5% of Greyverse in the formulation, and after 72 hours of treatment, the synthesis of melanin was significantly increased by 19%, improving the repigmentation of the grey hair.

 Let's see Allen how to stop gray hair in 8 weeks

"I have always been obsessed with my gray hair since I started growing them in at 19-years-old…and not in a good way. I used to pluck them all out with my Tweezerman’s but when I couldn’t keep up, I started hitting the salon every 2 months, which turned into 6 weeks which eventually turned into every 4 weeks as the years passed.

Over the past 20 years, I figure I’ve spent almost $50,000 and just about 30 entire DAYS in the chair getting my hair dyed. And I was a die-hard. I'm tired with this... One day, my friends told me to try Meellop™ Anti-Greying Hair Serum."
"I have been using once a day as directed. I noticed some gray strands of hair on my black shirt so when I went to remove them I couldn't believe what I saw. At the base or root of the hair strand I can see where my hair has clearly changed color at the root. I look forward to see the final result now!"
"I've been using this product for 1 month now. I'm so happy I don't have to dye my hair anymore. The grey hairs have slowed way down, and my hair feels so much softer and healthier
"Just 2 months no more. More so my hair itself is just looking and feeling more healthy with lots of new baby hair coming in and no more light grays breaking in . Really impressed and the serum itself isn't oily or tacky and dries smooth with my scalp and hair . Super easy to apply. Thanks Meellop™!
Allen Jones
San Diego, California

"Getting gray hairs at the age of 26 was something that really bothered me for a while. I'm happy I've tried Meellop™ Anti-Greying Hair Serum!  I religiously used it every day for 2 months, took it with me on trips and did my best with being consistent.  I see no new gray hairs and the ones from before being less visible! I have received numerous compliments on my hair since using this product and have even recommended it to my friends. I will definitely continue using Meellop™ to maintain my youthful!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take to see results with Meellop™ Anti-Greying Hair Serum?

  • Optimal results can typically be observed within three weeks of regular use. However, individual results may vary depending on hair type and condition.

2. Is Meellop™ Anti-Greying Hair Serum suitable for both men and women?

  • Yes, Meellop™ Anti-Greying Hair Serum is designed for both men and women seeking to address gray hair concerns and improve hair volume.

3. Are there any side effects associated with using this hair serum?

  • Meellop™ Anti-Greying Hair Serum is formulated with clinically proven ingredients and is generally safe for use. However, it's essential to follow the recommended usage instructions. In rare cases, individuals with specific allergies or sensitivities may experience mild skin reactions. If you encounter any adverse effects, discontinue use and consult a dermatologist.

4. What are the key active ingredients in Meellop™ Anti-Greying Hair Serum?

  • Meellop™ Anti-Greying Hair Serum combines Arcolys, Greyverse, and growth factors to stimulate hair and address graying concerns. Greyverse, in particular, contains innovative biomimetic peptides designed to prevent, stop, and reverse the graying process by increasing melanin production in hair follicles.

5. Can Meellop™ Anti-Greying Hair Serum completely reverse gray hair?

  • While Meellop™ Anti-Greying Hair Serum has been shown to reduce and reverse gray hair, results may vary depending on individual factors and the extent of graying. It can help progressively recover natural hair color and density for a more youthful appearance.

6. How should I use Meellop™ Anti-Greying Hair Serum for best results?

  • Apply Meellop™ Anti-Greying Hair Serum once a day as directed. Ensure your hair and scalp are clean and dry before application. Gently massage the serum into your scalp and hair roots. Allow it to absorb before styling your hair as usual.

7. Is Meellop™ Anti-Greying Hair Serum suitable for all hair types?

  • Yes, Meellop™ Anti-Greying Hair Serum is suitable for various hair types. Whether you have curly, straight, or wavy hair, you can incorporate this serum into your haircare routine.

8. Is Meellop™ Anti-Greying Hair Serum safe to use with other hair products?

  • Yes, Meellop™ Anti-Greying Hair Serum can be used alongside other haircare products. It is recommended to apply the serum first and allow it to absorb before using other styling products.

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Net weight: 30ml
Shelf life: 3 years
Size: 10.8cm * 3cm * 3cm

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