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Descar™ Scar Removal Gel

Descar™ Scar Removal Gel

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Descar™ Scar Removal Gel

Descar™ Scar Removal Gel

Regular price $19.89
Regular price $19.89 Sale price $18.99
SAVE -5% Sold out

----------Happy customers----------

"I accidentally injured my leg when I was riding bike last month. Not only did the scar not heal, but the scab lost. Doctor recommended me Descar™. I used it for almost one month. The red and hard part was no itchy and painful any more, and the scar was removed. My skin is as the same as before. I am very satisfied with it!"-Sarah Johnson, 18, Indianapolis, IN

"As a mother with caesarean and severe scar constitution, I got proliferative scar. I was getting ready for surgery and came across Descar™. After using this for three weeks, the big red raised scar faded, now there is only a light line. I will continue to use untill it totally gone. Thanks for allowing me to recover without surgery!"-Isabella Scott, 38, Chicago, IL

How do scar form

Scars form during wound healing due to the overgrowth and rearrangement of collagen as the skin repairs after damage. Scar tissue is thicker than normal skin and sometimes becomes raised or sunken. It is also rougher and darker, and lacks hair and sweat glands, which is why scars are easy to see.

Descar™ targets for all scars

The doctor recommend

"Compared to laser resurfacing or scar removal surgeries, Descar™ is more safe. Gels containing silicone are the most effective at reducing the scar. Silicone forms a protective seal over the skin to help retain hydration, prevent further trauma, and create an environment that encourages optimal collagen remodeling. It works well on my patients. The scar disappeared in 92.9%,  and 89.4% experienced an 86.7% reduction in acne lesion inflammation." says Marina Peredo, MD, a board-certified dermatologist in NYC.

How does it remove scar

Softens skin surface scars
Collagen fibers with broken links
Accelerate bottom cell metabolism, increase cell vitality
Strengthens the skin and restores smoothness

Working principle: Promote the regeneration of skin growth factors, simulate and activate skin cells and keratinocytes, and produce collagen; effectively repair and reduce scars caused by skin damage, surgery or trauma; form a physical barrier on the skin surface to help scars heal naturally.

100% Natural ingredients

Rosehip Oil - Select rosehips from Chile, the world's best quality. It helps protect and moisturize the skin, fight free radical damage, reduce wrinkles, restore elasticity, correct dark spots, and reduce the appearance of scars. A 2019 study on the effects of rosehip oil on wound healing reported that rosehip oil not only promotes wound healing, but also speeds up the healing process in the body.


Effective in 14 days, basically faded in 45 days, completely eliminated in 90 days
✨10X speed up collagen production and cell renewal
✨Restore skin tone by 78%, and reduce scar thickness by 33.2%
✨The only one uses the most effective growth factors that above all other scar treatment products

In addition to removing scars, you can also benefit
🔺Eliminates redness, itchiness and pain
🔺Reduce the appearance of hypopigmentation, brightens the skin
🔺Moisturize and hydrate the skin

Let's take a look at Maria Garcia's(23, Fort Worth, TX)6-week journey using Descar™ Scar Removal Gel
Day 1

"I was under a lot of pressure during the accounting examination. I didn't pay attention to facial cleansing that acne broke out on my face, and left a lot of acne marks. At first, it was red acne marks, and was always itchy. As a OCD I can't stop scratching, then red acne marks turned black. I was so anxious."

2 Weeks Later

"One day, a friend suggested Descar™ Scar Removal Gel to me and and guaranteed to be effective. I used regularly and my skin turned smooth and soft. Acne marks visible to the naked eye have been reduced by 80%. To treat it fully, I continued to use."

1 Month Later

"My acne marks were disappeared. My skin looked clearer and more youthful than it had in years, and my confidence had soared. I no longer felt self-conscious about scars and was able to enjoy social events. Finally, I passed the accountant exam and got an offer from a multinational company."

How to use

STEP 1: Apply a amount of bean to the scar position
STEP 2: Massage properly to speed up absorption
STEP 3: Two times a day, every morning and evening
3pcs are a course of treatment.


● Net weight: 30g
● Shelf life: 3 Years
● Skin types: All skin types
● Main ingredients: Rosehip oil, Onion extract, Allantoin, Vitamin C Esters, Silicone

Packing list:
● 1 x Descar™ Scar Removal Gel

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