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Dreamate™ Graphene Infrared Intelligent TENS Massager

Dreamate™ Graphene Infrared Intelligent TENS Massager

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Dreamate™ Graphene Infrared Intelligent TENS Massager

Dreamate™ Graphene Infrared Intelligent TENS Massager

Regular price $59.89
Regular price $59.89 Sale price $59.89
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Dreamate™ - the most effective massager for obesity

The Graphene Infrared Massager is an ideal product for slimming and cleansing the body. It can quickly help remove inflammation and circulatory obstructions. You can use It anytime, anywhere to loss weight.

See our Dreamate™ in action

Before we start, let's see what our customers are say

"After I gave birth to my second child, I was almost 126lbs. I became upset and angry very often because of hormone imbalance. Life was so challenging physically and mentally. After using Dreamate™, my life turning point was lost 24lbs in just one and a half months. Not only my weight but my health also improved a lot. I became more dynamic and active." - Sophia Roberts, 33, Tucson, AZ

"Thanks to this massager, I was able to reduce my fat around my belly area without tiring and starving myself. I have never been fitter in my life and I felt it boosted my confidence. I am very happy that I can wear nicer clothes and look great in them. I now socialize more often and my self-confidence has improved!" - Jordan Harris, 28, Fort Smith, AR

What makes graphene so remarkable? 

Graphene is 100% carbon element and produces 100% far infrared rays when it generates heat. The pure graphene heating film in Dreamate™ is produced from a single layer of graphene, and the far infrared generated is purer. 
Graphene has been dubbed a "wonder material" that will revolutionize the future. As such it's no surprise in 2010, Prof Andre Geim and Prof Kostya Novoselov earned the Nobel prize award in physics for their work with graphene.

Far Infrared Magnetic Therapy target for weight loss

Pure graphene can release far-infrared light waves closest to the human body, which is the most absorbable way.
It is an indispensable source of energy for life on earth, and is called "the light of life" by scientists. It emits waves between 6-14um that are invisible to the human eye and the peak is the 9μm wavelength that is most likely to cause resonance in the human body.

①Deep penetration - NASA's 1989 research report pointed out that the far-infrared rays of 6-14 microns can penetrate 15cm inside the human body. It can penetrate human skin, act directly on deep tissue, replenish cell energy.

②Improve blood circulation - Far-infrared rays can dilate blood vessels, increase blood flow to the skin and muscles, increase blood oxygen content, activate cells

③Stimulate metabolism - Enhance the vitality of cells, adjust the mechanism of neurohumor, and balance the exchange of substances inside and outside the body.
④Detoxification - Far-infrared rays can also promote the secretion of sweat glands inside the body. Making the water molecules in the body smaller to reduce puffiness
⑤Improve immunity - Enhance the body's cellular immunity and humoral immunity.

How does Dreamate™ work?

With high-quality mugwort essence paste, max penetration: Graphene heating can make the effect of mugwort leaf paste deep to skin, fully absorbed, and spread to whole body.
FPC conducts heat to stretch and relax meridians: The heat of FPC is transmitted to the metal surface and the moxa patch. When used with the moxa patch, the ingredients of the moxa patch can fully penetrate into the deep layer of the skin! So as to promote blood circulation and expel toxins.

Scientifically proven

Far-infrared radiation makes molecules inside the blood vessels resonate, generates heat, accelerates blood circulation, and promotes unobstructed blood vessels. It can improve blood circulation and go deep into the skin to regulate the internal mechanism of the body. It can also promote the production of enzymes to activate tissue cells, strengthen the immune system. - From Science and Technology Herald, 2014·No. 32 Application and Mechanism of Far Infrared in Clinical Biomedicine

What professional say 

"After clinical verification, Dreamate™ has a slimming effect of up to 94% without any side effects. It is a revolutionary technology that combines graphene far-infrared physiotherapy with ancient holistic medicine. It can effectively promote blood circulation, relax muscles, and regulate sleep. It is the first choice for obese people who want to seek natural ingredients."- Dr. Nicole Blackmon

What results can you expect?

🔰 Instant Results: After a single usage you will notice incredible improvements and relax for the entire day.
🔰 Long Term Fix: On average, our customers have manifested significant improvements after 3-5 days and absolute weight loss after 2 weeks of use.
🔰 Overall Health: Smooth body and mind, preserve body nerves & tissues, increase body energy.
We guarantee you will be more confident with a better figure.

Benefits of using Dreamate™

💖Dredge the meridians, promote the body's acid-base balance
💖Activate human cells, anti-inflammatory and sterilizing
💖Regulates the digestive system, regulating various endocrine glands
💖Promote ENDORPHIN in the body, eliminating fatigue
💖Regulate the body's bioelectric waves and improve nervous system

See more successful stories

Kristina Mason shares his amazing results after using Dreamate™!

"I HATED getting dressed in the morning because I ran out of nice things to wear. The thought of being overweight for the rest of my life was daunting. I felt like I was stuck in a cycle, trying different diets only to gain the weight back. I was so close to giving up."

"Now, I'm proud to say that losing weight was not a struggle for me any more. And of course, I can now choose between cuter clothes! I have lost almost 30lbs, in 2 months. Now my digestion is perfect, my energy level is incredible, I sleep through the night, and my overall well being is amazing. I've reached my ideal body weight because of Dreamate™."

"The results blew me away! Only one month my weight dropped 17 pounds without any exercise, and when the doctor saw the results at the checkup, he was speechless! With Dreamate™, I have achieved the body of my dreams." - Justin Jones, 36, Aurora, CO

Product information:

● Name: Dreamate™ Graphene Infrared Intelligent TENS Massager
● Body material: ABS
● Paste ingredient: wormwood, ginger/holly, eucalyptus leaf
● Temperature range: 45°- 50°- 55°
● Charging time: 2 hours
● Rated voltage: 3.7V
● Rated power: 2.5w
● Rated current: 800mA
● Product weight: gross weight 390g/net weight 175g
● Product size: 12*11.5*4cm
● Single diameter: 4.5cm, Heater diameter: 3.4cm

Package Includes:

● 3-in-1 Set x Dreamate™ Graphene Infrared Intelligent TENS Massager
● 20 x Moxibustion Pastes
● 1 x Data Cable
● 1 x Manual


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