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Meellop™ Portable Moxibustion Pot

Meellop™ Portable Moxibustion Pot

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Meellop™ Portable Moxibustion Pot

Meellop™ Portable Moxibustion Pot

Regular price $23.99
Regular price $23.99 Sale price $23.99
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----------User reviews----------

"I work in the financial industry, playing on the computer and staying up late to watch the market every day. Overwork and work stress gained a lot of my weight. I tried many ways but they were limited. Meellop™ helped me out of the dilemma. I lost 23 pounds in one month. This moxibustion seems to have discharged all the toxins in my body, and I feel very relaxed. I think this is the principle of weight loss."-Catherine Martinez, 30, Jacksonville, FL

"I have heavy moisture in my body so I look fat, especially the belly. No matter how much I pay attention to diet and exercise, the belly meat is like a ghost and refuses to leave. I fell in love with the warm feeling after using it for the first time. In only four weeks, my body shape has undergone tremendous changes. Moxibustion is like a magic thing to burn my fat. Now, I can finally wear the crop tops of my dreams."-Madison Cooper, 38, Phoenix, AZ

Obesity increases risk of many health problems, including cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, joint problems, respiratory problems, mental health problems, etc. 
Obesity rates have been rising globally. According to the WHO, in 2016, 1.34 billion adults worldwide were overweight, of whom 65 million were obese. As of 2021, the proportion of overweight and obese adults worldwide has reached 39%.

What is moxibustion?

Moxibustion is a kind of traditional moxibustion therapy. The moxa heat produced by the ignited moxa sticks and moxa sticks is used to stimulate the acupoints on the body surface, and adjust the disordered physiological functions of the human body by stimulating the activity of meridian qi, so as to achieve the purpose of disease prevention and treatment.

The doctor recommend

Moxibustion can stimulate acupoints through the heat of burning or fumigation, warm the meridians, and reconcile qi and blood. "Fire enters the body to bring energy, the warming effect of moxibustion can burn the fat and boost metabolism quickly, especially when other ways failed. Moxibustion can quickly replenish qi, replenish energy, and restore body functions, which is the strength of traditional medicine treatment." - Kris Carr, nutrition expert

Ingredient: Funiu mountain aged mugwort

The moxa leaves used are grown in the wild environment of Funiu Mountain. After repeated drying, beating, crushing, and screening out impurities and dust, the moxa leaves are as soft as cotton. Funiu mountain aged mugwort, 1 kg of high-purity gold moxa made from 40 kg of mugwort leaves refined by ancient methods, has a faint mugwort fragrance when burned, and the color is gray after burning, and it is not easy to fall off.

Acupuncture points are critical for weight loss and Meellop™ can effectively stimulate each of them

Our products can work on all weight loss points in the body, acting on the points to achieve weight loss.
Stimulating the Zusanli point, Dazhui point, 6 acupoints of the spleen, Guanyuan point, Neiguan acupoint to promote digestion and absorption, increase energy consumption, reduce appetite and food intake, promote metabolism, and accelerate fat burning.

All in all, by working on acupoints, warm heat penetrates into body to remove dirts, impurities and toxins that accumulate body fat. Helps the body lose weight and eliminate swelling.

How does it loss weight

STEP 1 Full body detoxification
Moxibustion removes toxins and waste from the body, which can help restore the normal function of the body's systems, warm moxibustion can effectively dispel cold, relieve stagnation, and promote blood circulation.
STEP 2 Clear up the meridians and collaterals
Meridian is an important channel in the human body, dredging the meridian can regulate the body's physiological functions.
STEP 3 Regulate endocrine system
The endocrine system is an important regulatory system of the human body, controlling many important physiological and metabolic processes in the body.
STEP 4 Increase blood circulation
Warm moxibustion can effectively dispel cold, relieve stagnation, and promote blood circulation.
STEP 5 Upgraded damp removal
Moxibustion with fire and heat stimulates the thermal effect on the body, and the heat of moxibustion can be better output downwards, sending energy to all parts of the body.

Working principle

The principle is to stimulate the acupuncture points, promote the regulation of metabolism and endocrine, thereby increasing the body's metabolic rate, increasing energy consumption, and helping to improve fat metabolism and reduce body fat content. At the same time, moxibustion can also promote gastrointestinal motility, improve constipation and other problems, so that waste and toxins in the body can be discharged more smoothly.

What makes us better?

👍 Constant temperature 45°, Direct hot, closed backflow
👍 Thorough moxibustion, penetration rate is 99%
👍 Ergonomically designed, portable
👍 High-performance flame-retardant PBT, fire rating V-1
👍 Stainless steel encrypted bottom to prevent ash falling
👍 Reuse only needs to replace the moxa sticks and stickers
👍 Healthy, safe and secure, skin-friendly and non-allergic
👍 Easy to use, suitable for both home and professional personal salons

In addition to losing weight, what other benefits you can get

✔ Relax the whole body, release stress, awaken the vitality 
✔ Relieve muscle soreness, arthritis and other diseases
✔ Promote gastrointestinal motility, improve digestion
✔ Help sleep, enhance human immunity
✔ Improve skin, make skin firm and elastic, rosy and shiny

Chloe Parker(26, Philadelphia, PA) shared her journey of weight loss

"I had struggled with weight for most of my adult life. I had tried every diet and weight loss program, but nothing seemed to work. I felt trapped in my body, tired all the time, had trouble sleeping, and was self-conscious around other people."

Week 2

"I got Meellop™ and after one week I started to feel better and more energized. 10 pounds had reduced and I gained a new sense of confidence and self-esteem. I felt empowered and in control. I was able to enjoy activities that had never been able to before, like hiking and biking."

Week 4

"I lost 22 pounds than before, and I couldn't believe the result. Not only have I lost weight, but I also feel that my body has become better and my skin has also improved. I have become very cheerful, and my husband also praised that I have become very attractive now."

1. Attach the sticker to the bottom of moxibustion pot
2. Turn clockwise to lock
3. Open the handle of the moxibustion pot
4. Tear off one side of the sticker
5. Fire the moxa postand insert it into moxibustion pot
6. Just stick it on the part that needs moxibustion


● Name: Portable Moxibustion Pot
● Material: High-performance flame-retardant PBT
● Product size: 4*4cm, moxibustion area: 3cm, moxa stick: 0.7*3.3cm
● Main ingredients: Moxa, Angelica Sinensis, Sichuan Lovage Rhizome, White Peony Root, Frankincense, Borneol 
● Applicable parts: shoulders, neck, abdomen, waist, legs, soles, joints, etc.

Package Includes:
● 1 moxibustion pot + 120 moxa sticks + 120 stickers
● 2 moxibustion pots + 120 moxa sticks + 120 stickers
● 4 moxibustion pots + 120 moxa sticks + 120 stickers
● 6 moxibustion pots + 120 moxa sticks + 120 stickers
● 8 moxibustion pots + 120 moxa sticks + 120 stickers

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