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Serene™ Sea Fennel Renewal Collagen Facial Serum

Serene™ Sea Fennel Renewal Collagen Facial Serum

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Serene™ Sea Fennel Renewal Collagen Facial Serum

Serene™ Sea Fennel Renewal Collagen Facial Serum

Regular price $18.99
Regular price $18.99 Sale price $18.99
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"I have been using Serene™ fr 5days and I can see the difference on my skin. The darkness and redness starting to disappeared, cnt believe it. I have used so many creams n serums bt nothing works on my skin. THANK YOU SO MUCH (Without any makeup)."-Rachel Lee, 20, San Diego, CA

"As I approached my 32th birthday, I began to notice some fine lines and wrinkles starting to appear on face. After two weeks, I began to see some improvement. My skin looked smoother and more radiant, and the fine lines around my eyes and mouth were fade a lot. I will continue using the serum for younger and glossy complexion."-Laura Wilson, 32, Austin, TX

"I struggle with dryness in my face and have been using a brand that works wonders but have just become unaffordable. I decided to try this serum and it does leave my skin hydrated and glowing. After one weeks my skin does look clearer. Will definitely continue using. It is definitely more affordable compared to other products in the market."-Sophie Brown, 28, Chicago, IL

Unique technology

Especially combined with the newly developed "exclusive microcrystalline ball technology", the sea fennel active formula is perfectly sealed in microcrystalline balls of three different molecular sizes. Each bottle contains up to 100,000 nourishing microcrystalline balls, silky and clear, instantly absorbed when applied to the face, and the energy loaded in it is quickly transmitted to each skin layer. After one week of use, the skin becomes more refined, bright and elastic. 

Dermatologist Endorsement

"Alcohol is recognized as an effective anti-aging ingredient. It can promote the synthesis of collagen and inhibit collagen breakage, accelerate skin cell renewal, delay skin aging, dilute fine lines, and refine pores. In addition, adding Aurora C Brightening Factor to the formula can prevent dark spots, block melanin, increase cell activity, and further enhance the whitening effect. The formula contains a variety of soothing and repairing ingredients, combined with a formula system that does not add alcohol, which is more skin-friendly." says Dr Wendy Carrie, Dermatologist.

What makes Serene™ a must-have?

💜 Anti-aging
With a drop of 30 million active extracts. Serene™ contains anti-aging double star, 0.1% true A alcohol + 4% elastic polypeptide, synergistic with four maintenance and repairing ingredients, 2 weeks of tenderness, 4 weeks of light lines, 8 weeks of firmness, truly realize the full link of high-efficiency anti-aging. Contains 294 times high-purity exclusive patented super collagen (dipeptide-8). Due to its small molecular structure, it can completely penetrate the skin and fundamentally solve aging problems such as dry fine lines and insufficient elasticity.

💜 Brightening
It is rich in latest recognized effective whitening ingredient "M-even brightening factor", which prevents the formation of dark spots, and regulates the skin from the inside out to white. Add CL-302 Aurora C and Vitality VC Small Molecule, brightening factor and melanin blocking factor. The concentration of the brightening factor is doubled, and it contains vitamin C sugar, which can improve uneven skin tone, as well as glucosamine and salicylic acid, which help to regulate the cutin and make the skin surface smoother.

💜 Moisturizing
Dry and rough skin is related to the loss of hyaluronic acid! Hyaluronic acid can use its own molecules to capture 500 to 700 times the moisture for the skin. Uses technology to break through the limit of hyaluronic acid and extract hyaluronic acid into six different molecular sizes.

Tested by independent users in 2021:

Based on the results of a 4-week test conducted on 38 individuals.
100% of users agree it provides an immediate improvement in skin hydration.
95% agree it is the best anti-aging serum they have ever used. Visibly reduces the fine lines and wrinkles.
93% agree it improves skin brightness by up to 74% within 7 hours.
And Serene™ combines these three functions in one, it is your best choice!

What are the key ingredients and how do they work?

Sea fennel - Use the best origin in the world, France. The newly upgraded nourishing skin improvement extract contains the brand’s classic core formula—nourishing sea fennel revitalizing serum. Through exclusive extraction technology, 1g of it is extracted from every 1000g of sea fennel and concentrated. 6,000 times the firming essence, the powerful firming, hydrating and whitening energy can double the speed to improve the skin, bringing the ultimate anti-aging, brighten and moisturing experience. Added 0.1 micron gold leaf 300 times thinner than hair, combined with a new "light" texture that can penetrate efficiently.
Collagen - Combined with Verisol Collagen, it is the only product proven to work on the skin only. Unlike other types of collagen that act on bone cartilage, hair and nails.

What makes it special

👑 Fades 6 major lines in 7 days. Forehead lines, crow’s feet lines, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, lip lines, neck lines
👑 Excellent brighten power. Repair super fast in 1 hour, eliminate melanin +61% in 4 hours, and dark spots -37% in one week
👑 24 hours moisturing actors. 10 layers of deep penetrating water injection, 7 days full of water and moisturizing
👑 Skin visibly change every day. Soothed: 98%, more radiance: 97%, more soft and comfortable: 99%

Working principle

The main working principle of face cream is to provide the moisture and nutrients needed by the skin, and to form a protective film on the surface of the skin to prevent moisture loss and external environmental damage to the skin.

Ava's 3 week of using Serene™ Sea Fennel Renewal Collagen Facial Serum result

"I was facing spots issues since my teenage and had tried every possible treatment, nothing worked. I have always been called "leopard face". As a girl, I felt offended and hurt, had damaged self-esteem, and even felt embarrassment."

Week 1

"One day, I stumbled across Serene™, and on the verge of desperation, I gave it a try. After using it consistently for a week, I noticed that my dark spots and freckles have visibly improved, and my skin looks brighter and more even. This amazing effect has strengthened my determination to continue using it."

Week 3

"I continued to use it every day, and over time, my dark spots became almost completely invisible. I no longer felt self-conscious about my skin and could confidently go out without wearing any makeup. Thanks to this amazing ONE, I had finally found a solution to my long-standing skin concerns."

How to use
1. Cleansing the face and using lotion(if used)
2. Take an appropriate amount in the palm
3. Apply to the face and gently massage to absorb
4. Two times a day, morning and evening


● Net weight: 10g
● Shelf life: 3 Years
● Skin types: All skin types
● Main ingredients: Sea fennel, Collagen, VC, Hyaluronic acid

Packing list:
● 1 x Serene™ Sea Fennel Renewal Collagen Facial Serum

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