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SolaceLane™ Hemorrhoid Sitz Bath Pack

SolaceLane™ Hemorrhoid Sitz Bath Pack

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SolaceLane™ Hemorrhoid Sitz Bath Pack

SolaceLane™ Hemorrhoid Sitz Bath Pack

Regular price $19.99
Regular price $19.99 Sale price $18.99
SAVE -6% Sold out

What our customers are saying 

"It feels very comfortable to use, there is no tingling feeling, and the effect is really good. After insisting on using it, the hemorrhoid disappears, and there is no pain during bowel movements."-Nicole Blackmon, 25, Mesa, AZ

"I usually eat spicy food, and it is easy to get inflamed. The hemorrhoid swells and bleeds in the stool. After using it for more than a week, my external hemorrhoids are much better and have disappeared a lot."-Steven Sims, 27, Juneau, AK

Still troubled by these issues?

SolaceLane™ is there to HELP you

There is a layer of ring-shaped blood vessels in the anal mucosa. Excessive use will lead to hyperemia and hypertrophy of the blood vessels, which will bend into a lump of veins, and move down and press out of the anus. The resulting fleshy balls are hemorrhoids.

Feel ashamed of hemorrhoids, choose to endure the pain? If it is allowed to worsen, the consequences will be unimaginable, ranging from painful anal prolapse and mucus flow, to severe cases that may cause anorectal necrosis and rectal cancer! 

Say goodbye to hemorrhoids, no recurrence

Cell repair, full treatment of internal and external hemorrhoids 

3-step debridement, return your health 

Amazing effect

What makes us better

What do expert say

"Clinical data show that the hemorrhoid elimination rate of SolaceLane™ is as high as 95%, which is the representative of high-quality hemorrhoid treatment in the world! It originated from the ancient prescriptions. Four-step targeted therapy of "eliminating, dissolving, clearing and repairing" can easily inhibit bacteria and eliminate hemorrhoids and anal diseases for lesions."- says Dr. Gunnar Loske, US Anorectal Surgeon

100% Natural herbal ingredients 

Choose Iranian saffron, a precious herbal medicine, collected from high mountain areas above 5,000m above sea level. Famous for reducing swelling and pain, cooling blood and detoxifying. The anti-inflammatory and analgesic ingredients are as high as 85%, which can effectively treat anal diseases. It also contains some ingredients that improve blood circulation and promote tissue repair and regeneration, repair damaged cells, enhance cellular immune function, and prevent hemorrhoids from recurring.

Treat not just hemorrhoids, but any anal diseases

☀ Immediate relief to damaged tissue
☀ Relieves burning, itching, swelling and discomfort
☀ Circulates blood vessels, shrinks fissures
☀ Soothing the intestines, relieve constipation
☀ Clear heat detox, converge disinfect

More happy customers

"I have been suffering from hemorrhoids after sitting for a long time. The doctor suggested surgery, but I was afraid of the pain. One day a friend sent me 3 boxes of SolaceLane™. After I used it for 2 days, the hot flashes and burning discomfort before were relieved a lot. After insisting on using it for a week, the redness, swelling and erosion basically disappeared. One month later, my hemorrhoids were completely gone. The hemorrhoids I had for so many years were finally gone. Now my life has returned to normal. Thank you very much."-Andreea Cristina, 26, Saint Paul, MN

"l used to be chronic pile sufferer for over 15 years. I tried several homemade therapies, medications, balms and ointment... They only give me a temporary relief. At the end of the day, the pile will return, and the cycle continues. The doctors couldn't help except through surgery. However, breakthrough finally came when l came across SolaceLane™, I gave it a try and the result was MAGICAL. It totally cleared my excruciating, painful hemorrhoids in 4 weeks. The Painful, burning, swelling, the itching and the discomfort... ALL VANISHED."-Craig Peterson, 39, Fairbanks, AK 

How to use

1. Put the pack into the bidet, pour 500-1000ml of boiling water, and soak for 5 minutes.
2. Steam the affected area while it is still hot. Be careful not to burn yourself.
3. After the water temperature is suitable, soak the affected area for 10-15 minutes.


● Shelf life: 3 years
● Quantity: 10pcs/pack
● Main ingredients: cork, mugwort, saffron, honeysuckle
● Function: Hemorrhoids, anal fissure, anal itching, rectal polyps, etc.

Package Includes:
● 10pcs/pack x SolaceLane™ Hemorrhoid Sitz Bath Pack

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