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Yegbong™Scent Fish Attractants for Baits

Yegbong™Scent Fish Attractants for Baits

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Yegbong™Scent Fish Attractants for Baits

Yegbong™Scent Fish Attractants for Baits

Regular price $22.99
Regular price $22.99 Sale price $27.99
SAVE 17% Sold out

Believe in a fishing solution recognized by thousands of fishing enthusiasts!

Biologists believe that fish have a sense of smell 1,000 times better than humans. Yegbong™ is a scientifically advanced formula that can create an irresistible scent that makes fish gather quickly. Add edge to your bait to increase catch rate.

What is Yegbong™Scent Fish Attractants?

Discover the power of a remarkable compound derived from nutrient-rich seaweed. This cutting-edge formula, found naturally in aquatic animals, is proven to create an irresistible scent that makes fish gather quickly. Aptly known as the "fish bite stone," it has captivated fishing enthusiasts worldwide.
Whether you're using swimbaits, jigs, soft baits, worms, or jerkbaits, our attractants will transform your lures and baits into irresistible delicacies, tantalizing the taste buds of every fish in the vicinity.

What Makes it So Effective? 

🐟Unleash the Most Effective Scents for Attracting Fish - Red worm and amino acids mimic the prey fish eat in nature, making your bait smell and taste irresistible.
🐟Fast Transmission for Instant Attraction - Carried by tiny food particles(only 0.4 microns in diameter), creates a cloud of strong bait taste as soon as it hits the water.
🐟3,000X Bioavailable Flavor - Billions of micronutrient particles offer an expansive surface area for enhanced taste and smell, allowing fish to detect 3,000 times the allure.
🐟Make Your Bait Irresistibly Natural - Designed to work with the fish's chemo receptors and olfactory glands, keeps fish hooked longer, giving you more time to set the hook.
🐟Increase Catch Rate by 2X- Our highly concentrated, low-temperature fish stock solution intensifies the desire for food and ensures penetrating results.

We Outshine the Competition

Endorsed by Experts 

"Having extensively studied fish behavior and their sensory perception, I am impressed by the innovative formula of Yegbong™Scent Fish Attractants. Its use of natural scents and bioavailability significantly enhances the fishing experience. I recommend it to anglers of all levels, as it has shown remarkable results in increasing catch rates and transforming fishing trips into memorable successes." - Dr. Amanda Garcia, Marine Biologist and Fishing Enthusiast

Main Ingredients

🐛Red Worm - A common natural food of fish, closely resembling their natural prey, improving the success rate of fishing. The bright colors are a distinctive visual lure. Fish generally have a high sensitivity to red, and they will be attracted to red bait.
🐛Amino Acids - Important building blocks of living organisms, increasing nutritional value and stimulating fish's sense of smell and taste receptors.

1. Steaming and Purification Process - Locks in the fragrance of the bait and improves the penetration of flavor in water, ensuring long-lasting effectiveness.
2. Stimulate the Fish Brain - Our attractant activates fish hunger, food intake, and information induction, creating a strong food attraction.
3. Appetizer - Fish are enticed by the irresistible scent, increasing their desire for food.
4. Rapid Spread - The attractant disperses rapidly, creating an intensive attraction that draws fish closer.


🐠Safe and Durable - Made from safe materials, harmless to fish and water, ensuring a worry-free fishing experience.
🐠Wide Application - Suitable for all kinds of fish species, including freshwater and marine fish, as well as crustaceans.
🐠Effective Design - Strongly stimulates the sense of smell and taste of aquatic species, enhancing fish motility and stress resistance.
🐠Versatile Usage - Ideal for reservoirs, lakes, rivers, and black pits, suitable for both experienced and novice anglers.
🐠Catch More Fish - Expand your effective fishing area by drawing fish from further distances.
🐠Longer Lasting Scent - Create an irresistible odor that fish can't resist, ensuring greater attraction and masking undesirable odors.

Hear What Our Customers Say - Real Anglers, Real Results! 

"I have fished for over 20 years and have used a lot of products on the market. Yegbong is by far the best. It has revolutionized my fishing trips, increasing my catch rate like never before!" - John, Avid Angler

"GAME CHANGER! I've used all of their scents for bass, panfish and catfish. Yegbong has doubled my chances of catching fish everytime I've used it. I have even thrown the shad scent while fishing in saltwater and had a lot of success. I'll never go fishing without a sleeve of Yegbong." - Sarah, Passionate Fisherwoman

"We use this Magic Fish Attractants On Oct long weekend and I caught a 26" walleye and my wife a 25". Great product. Very happy with the result and makes fishing fun." - Steven, Passionate Fisherman

"I fish with custom tied jigs almost exclusively in my travels in Colorado and New Mexico. I always use Yegbong. Every few casts I take the cap off the bottle and dunk the jig. It has enabled me to catch Brook, Brown, Cutthroat, Lake and Rainbow Trout. It's worked on Kokanee Salmon too." - Brian, Fishing Veteran

Product Information: 

Package Includes:
● 1 x Yegbong™Scent Fish Attractants for Baits

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